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In my work as a people strategist and leadership coach, I help individuals, teams and organizations to achieve more.

People Strategy

The people of an organization are the single most important element of a business. Your people need to come first and only then do your systems, technology and processes truly thrive. This is especially true in today’s everchanging business landscape. I work with businesses to create a people strategy that enables delivery of your business strategy, driving a values-based culture and ultimately a more purposeful and profitable organization.

Leadership Coaching

We spend most of our lives working – work that defines us and demands our energy. Yet, sometimes we get stuck – how can I be a better leader? how can I find a new career? how can I find more fulfilment at work? how can I plan for the future? I work with executives and professionals who are stuck on figuring out that next step. Together, we reflect on where they are, uncover who they are at their best, gain clarity on where they want to go and develop a plan with accountability to get there.

People Development

Leadership, collaboration, navigating change, effective communication, developing others; all crucial professional skills that are difficult to build and maintain as workload increases. I offer tailored development programs, one-off training sessions and team offsites to help you build creative, resourceful and high performing individuals and teams.

“Nicola’s ability to get us thinking is masterful. Her questioning took us to new levels and allowed time for dreaming and innovation whilst helping us drive forward.”

– Maurita Weissenberg Founder Shine Literacy 

About Me


I am an Oxford and Cambridge University graduate, an ex-corporate lawyer and someone who has always been curious about how people and businesses work. Thanks to my legal and MBA disciplines, I am able to understand both the business and human context behind every client engagement.

I am passionately curious, yet my warm and approachable style doesn’t stop me asking hard-hitting questions and challenging where needed!

I pride myself on helping my clients go beyond their past success and to create the future they envision. I am committed to the long-term success of my clients and like to build close, lasting relationships, which have contributed to my track record of delivering results and driving success.

Here are some examples of the value I have added for my global clients:

The Vision

My vision is to change the world of business. I will do this one person at a time.

Assist you in Becoming an Exceptional Leader

If you want to be an exceptional leader, then you have to address what’s preventing you from showing up as the best version of yourself.

unlock the potential of your people

The common denominator in exceptional business performance is people. I believe that people are amazing. They are creative, resourceful and capable of great things. Yet we don’t set up our organizations to bring out the best in people. If you want to be a high-performing business, then you have to unlock the potential of your people at every level.

Increase Engagement in Your Business

When people can show up to work as their authentic and whole selves, this is when we’ll see real change. We’ll see a reduction in mental health issues, more kindness and compassion in the workplace, diversity and inclusion inherent in every organization, and people becoming fully present in their lives; which ultimately leads to increased engagement and productivity in business

“OP Consulting highlighted the issues within our business, especially from a leadership perspective. Nicola encouraged the leadership team to think about their own actions and showed us how simple changes could assist in building a better and more motivated workforce.”

– Mellisa Weir, HR Director Ginkgo Agency

Client Feedback

“Nicola has helped our business grow wiser. She nurtured our senior leadership team (whilst not losing the savviness from her time spent in the legal fraternity) to think bigger, broader and be braver. Nicola is not afraid to challenge old beliefs. She encouraged open-mindedness to think differently, taking us out of our comfort zone, into areas of growth and ultimately, acquisition by WPP.”

– Mike Silver Founder of Elevator

“Nicola’s brief was to facilitate Shine Literacy’s review of the current strategy.  What we walked away with was a strategy that has taken our organisation to another level. Her ability to get us thinking is masterful. Her questioning took us to new levels and her pace allowed us not to go off course while still allowing time for dreaming and innovation. What was really valuable was that Nicola then took what we had and put it into an implementation plan which she has helped us drive forward.”

– Maurita Weissenberg Founder Shine Literacy 

“OP Consulting highlighted the issues within the business, especially from a leadership perspective. She encouraged the leadership team to think about their own actions and how simple changes could assist in building a better, more motivated workforce. I loved the coaching Nicola provided to staff – really opening people up and questioning their personal goals and missions. We needed to get people onboard with the idea of understanding their own values, and it was crucial in helping Ginkgo Agency get the culture we wanted”

– Mellisa Weir, HR Director of Ginkgo Agency  

“Nicola used her extensive corporate experience to build foundations for my organisation focused on high quality customer service, continuous improvement, collaboration and coaching for performance. Nicola has an ability to work strategically as well as operationally and is adept at seeing the bigger picture, whilst also understanding what is needed to execute the vision and motivate the team in this direction.”

– Richard Walton, Founder Outsourcery (Pty) Ltd

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