Creating The Future



Generations of Global Experience

I’ve had many diverse roles in my career and as a result, I have a unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and to navigate complex challenges.

Organisation Development

I work with organisations to take a step back and plot the way forward. I design organisational structures that reinforce strategic intent, and build values-driven cultures that leverage the skills of the workforce and create engaged and high performing teams.

HR Development

I like to energise, inform and empower people when it comes to HR. I simplify human resource requirements for my clients, and put in place the appropriate HR building blocks to enable them to grow.

People Development

Leadership, collaboration, self-awareness, informed decision making, developing others; all crucial professional skills that are difficult to build and maintain as workload increases. I help my clients develop these, and to thrive in their career. 


I am often a sounding board for Executives and businesses. I work with my clients to help them understand their unique strengths, increase their confidence at work, effectively prioritise actions in times of pressure and to increase their personal influence and impact. 



Thanks to my legal and MBA disciplines, I make sure I understand the business drivers behind every project.

I am committed to the long-term success of my clients and like to build close, lasting relationships.

I am passionately curious, and my warm and approachable style doesn’t stop me asking hard-hitting questions and challenging where needed.

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About Me

My Name is Nicola Lockwood-Hall

I am an Oxford and Cambridge University graduate, an ex-corporate lawyer and someone who has always been curious about how people and businesses work. It is this curiosity that fuels the passion and drive within OP Consulting.

I pride myself on providing both the expertise to establish the right strategy and the partnership to support its execution. I have a track record of delivering results and driving success, whether that be through one-off engagements or long-term partnerships. 

Here are some examples of the value I have added for my global clients:


Client Feedback

“Nicola has helped our business grow wiser. She demystifies business strategy, shakes you out of your comfort zone and takes you into areas of growth.” Mike Silver, Founder Elevator

“Nicola transformed our organisation through strategy, organisation design and culture. She has a remarkable way with people. Her honesty and approachability is both motivating and inspiring.” Mellisa Weir, HR Director Ginkgo Agency