Leadership capability is the cornerstone of a successful organisation.

Creating leadership capability isn’t rocket science, but it does require joined up thinking about how you select and develop your people, which is closely tied to your company culture.

Here are some simple starters to get you on the road to productive leadership.

1.   Define what good talent looks like. We often find that everyone in an organisation has a slightly different idea of what good talent actually looks like. This leads to a lack of efficiency in recognising and cultivating talent.

2.   Create a shared language. You can come up with an amazing framework to cultivate leadership capability, but if the people who work in the company don’t understand it, you’re an orator without an audience.

3.   Cultivate self-insight. You have to know what talent you are working with – think 360 feedback assessments and Gallup Strength Assessments to understand the strengths and possible detailers of your workforce.

4.   Develop your talent. Once you have a comprehensive profile of the individuals and groups you want to work with, you need to develop them.

5.   Measure, evaluate and improve. Get both quantitative and qualitative feedback on how well your efforts are working; this will enable you to tune up the process and improve.

6.   Follow up. Any effort to improve the leadership capability in your organisation shouldn’t be seen as a finite action that you can ‘complete’ and then forget. It’s intrinsic to the very culture of your people, and as such is an ongoing effort that needs continuing attention.