Getting the right people through the door is one of the most undervalued areas in HR. Without the gatekeepers of the organisation bringing in good people, an organisation will go nowhere.

Guard your front door well and you solve a lot of problems about performance, talent and engagement; do it poorly and you’re storing up problems down the line, ending in underperformance, grievances, and a convoluted and inefficient talent pipeline.

In most companies, the talent acquisition function is limited to a reactive, administrative role – managers make a hiring request, and HR must scramble to find the right people. The result is that HR is essentially left in the dark about the company’s long-term business objectives and must continuously play catch-up, rather than being able to proactively improve strategic candidate sourcing to best plan for the future.

At a time when good talent is increasingly difficult to find, elevating the role of HR into strategic business partners who understand the current and future gaps and how they can fill them, will deliver a significant hiring advantage.

So, how can the HR function become a recruiting business partner?

1.   Build alignment with hiring managers

2.   Avoid bad hiring decisions by planning ahead

3.   Consistently deliver the best talent possible to elevate the recruiting function

In order to identify, evaluate and ultimately hire the best candidates, HR must be in full alignment with organizational needs and priorities, to deliver a steady supply of right-fit talent able to overcome current challenges and meet future goals.