The smartest leaders know that it’s their team that makes them successful. As a leader, you need to spend a lot of your time making sure that your team is working well together.

Setting ambitious goals and creating a fun company culture are great, but what if, after spending all that time, the team doesn’t work well together?

Google’s Aristotle Project found that who you put on a team has very little to do with how successful the team will be. It’s all about how they interact with each other and more importantly, how they view their contributions.

Interestingly, Google found that psychological safety – how comfortable you feel taking risks without feeling insecure or embarrassed – is the most important component of building a high performing team. The safer team members felt with each other, the better they did in almost every area of work. They were:

· More likely to own up to their mistakes

· Better partners to their colleagues

· Less likely to leave the company

· More likely to be open to diverse ideas

If you want to assemble a high performing team, focus on building trust, safety and respect within the team.