Have a look at your calendar right now and answer honestly: how many meetings are you actually looking forward to? Learning how to run meetings effectively is one of the top skills new managers must learn, yet, 75% of people have never received formal training.

Atlassian found that 31 hours per month are spent in unproductive meetings! They also found that 45% of senior executives think employees would be more productive if meetings were banned one day a week. Most eye-opening of all, Fortune 50 companies are estimated to lose over $75 million a year due to poor meetings.

How can managers figure out if the meetings they’re running are concise, useful and effective?

Start by asking these 4 questions:

1.   How many people in the room are actually contributing?

2.   Do attendees know what this meeting is for?

3.   Are attendees “checking-out” during the meeting?

4.   What impact did the meeting have?