What do Donald Trump and the Dali Lama have in common? They are both able to wow audiences, to fill the room with a certain energy (whether bad or good), and receive standing ovations. People feel drawn to them, attracted to something that makes them stand out and makes them different.

Some people are born with this charisma whereas others teach themselves. Yes, you can learn how to be charismatic! Using a combination of power, warmth, presence and storytelling, you can build charismatic characteristics.


Power is what others perceive as your ability to make things happen. If you show that you believe in your abilities, values, and knowledge, others will be inspired by your confidence and will have  faith in you and your leadership. There are certain cues that help you communicate your personal power such as your posture, your dress code, and your voice


Confidence is essential but there is a line between confidence and narcissism… Going to the wrong end of the scale, you risk disengaging people. Stay open and connected. It’s important to know that you cannot fake warmth. You can be polite with gentle nods and friendly smiles but warmth comes from deeper inside.


You need to be completely here, in this moment. Take Nelson Mandela as an example. Many say that when they where with him, they not only felt his power and sense of warm engagement, they also felt his complete presence. You want to maintain a high attention to the people you are interacting with. Share your confidence with others. Show your personal power but do not forget to focus your energy and attention on their presence.

The Stories You Tell

Learn to craft meaningful, emotional stories. Practice the arts of humour, metaphor, and symbolism so you can entertain while you inform.

Everyone can learn to enhance their charisma but it does involve a lot of work. You need to understand your power, practice your presence and deliver the two with warmth. Learn to tell stories that people want to hear, that talk to their heart and inspire them to follow you.