In a recent TEDTalk “The way we think about work is broken”, Barry Schwartz poses the question, is it human nature that creates institutions or institutions which shape human nature? When work predominantly revolved around the factory line, there was a simple exchange of labour for money. However, as institutions have evolved, they have realised that money doesn’t have to be the only thing that drives people to get up and go to work every morning.

Rather than creating a workplace in which people show up and do the bare minimum, designing an institution that allows and facilitates people to use their creativity, find purpose and reach their potential has become a key focus for many. In the race to create more agile, engaged and innovative organisations, companies are focusing on an employee’s journey through the organisation to drive engagement, loyalty, productivity and brand delivery.

Many HR teams have taken this moment to construct new processes that reflect the unique people and purpose running through their organisation. The only way to discover what truly works best is to put yourself into the shoes of the people who work and run your organisation and look at three main touch points within the organisation to better understand what’s needed. These are the processes, people and technology that your employees come into contact with at each stage of their journey throughout the organisation.

Which processes are cumbersome? Which need to be abolished? How much support do your people receive from managers or peers? Are there new solutions which can make your employees’ lives easier?

Enhancing your employee experience is the new organisational battleground.