When we talk about the value of learning, it’s commonly linked to increasing capabilities in the organisation to drive performance, productivity and business outcomes.

But as the workforce becomes more diverse and global markets open up, employees are finding that they need to constantly enhance and upgrade their skills and knowledge in order to be employable. So what we are finding, is that workers are demanding, from their employers, more opportunities to learn and gain new skills.

The smartest organisations realise that if they don’t enable continuous growth in-house, and offer a variety of learning experiences and opportunities, employees will leave.

Research by Glassdoor and Bersin by Deloitte in 2016 shows that career development and learning are almost x2 more important than compensation and benefits to employees. And for those specifically interested in reaching Millennials, lack of growth opportunities is the number one reason they will leave your company.

Building a meaningful learning experience has become more than job productivity –  it’s your brand, your ability to attract people, and your ability to retain them. In the same research study, it was highlighted that, “learning owns probably 30 or 40 percent of the employment brand in your company. The issue of how we learn and how we share information in companies is very essential to the employee experience at organisations”.

People are a big expense – up to 70% of operating costs in many organisations – and keeping your employees engaged is more vital than ever. Treating learning as a core part of your brand’s success is essential to making that happen.