Companies have long been waking up to the fact that pay and bonuses are only the very basics that are needed to retain employees.  To really inspire and unleash the potential of your workforce, it is widely agreed by psychologists and experts that you need to give your employees more autonomy and ownership over their work, provide opportunities to grow and develop and inspire them with purpose.

This creates a much more challenging task for today’s leaders, so here are three tips to get you started:

1.  Set SMART Goals –effective goal setting is key to great leadership. Even with purpose, we all need something to work towards to boost our motivation and know we’re making progress. Breaking goals down into smaller steps will help everyone stay focused and give them direction as well as a sense of accomplishment along the way. This approach reinforces a greater sense of autonomy and ownership which today’s talent craves.

2.  Create regular learning opportunities– helping your people develop is not only a priority for both HR and managers, it is also one of the main things candidates look for in an employer. It’s essential that managers know the strengths of each of their teammates and are able to strategise about how each of these strengths can be put to use to deliver in their current role, learn and grow.

3.  Allow your employees to create their own purpose – finding purpose in one’s work is one of the biggest drivers of motivation. If you really believe in what you’re doing and the impact it could have on society, you’re going to have the motivation to go the extra mile.