The growth and impact of Shine Literacy has been significant by any measure. Founded by Maurita Weissenberg and Kathryn Torres in 2000 to break the destructive cycle of poor literacy, low educational attainment and wasted potential of children in South Africa. It has grown from 1 chapter at its inception to 77 chapters and franchises.

Sounds great. Right? Well, success comes with challenges too. It’s not inexpensive to support as many schools and children as Shine Literacy, and the organisation needs to be profitable in order to preserve its legacy and grow. Shine Literacy needed to objectively determine a scalable path forward for building a nation of readers in South Africa.


Many people have the mistaken perception that strategy work is purely conceptual. Done right, it’s not like that at all. When OP Consulting first started collaborating with Maurita Weissenberg, her management team and the Board, it was clear that there was an abundance of good ideas about possible go-forward strategies, but they needed a way to rigorously evaluate their options within a structured framework so they could all agree with confidence on the best alternative.

I have a proven, pragmatic approach for delivering a strategy based upon an organisation’s baseline position and a frank assessment of its capabilities, both in terms of current resources and what they could reasonably expect to put in place for a given strategy. Working with Shine Literacy, we developed a values-driven strategy to drive growth; grounded in a clear, cohesive and integrated deployment plan.


Shine Literacy are in a position to expand profitably and evolve confidently in a dynamic not-for-profit environment. Thanks to the work we did together, the Shine team now has clarity and focus around a common strategy that everybody understands and supports. The organisation has momentum, driving a prioritised roadmap which is based on what they can achieve both with the capabilities they have and what sponsorship money they can reasonably expect to obtain.

OP Consulting became a corporate sponsor of Shine Literacy as a result of our engagement with Shine Literacy. 

“Nicola’s brief was to facilitate Shine Literacy’s review of the current strategy.  What we walked away with was a strategy that has taken our organisation to another level. Her ability to get us thinking is masterful. Her questioning took us to new levels and her pace allowed us not to go off course while still allowing time for dreaming and innovation. What was really valuable was that Nicola then took what we had and put it into an implementation plan which she has helped us drive forward.”

– Maurita Weissenberg Founder Shine Literacy