Ginkgo Agency is a world-renowned format agency known for its iconic work with Nelson Mandela, 21 Icons, Mercedes Benz and Beautiful News.  The Agency found that after years of rapid growth, it had lost direction, was losing high numbers of staff, wasn’t operating at its full potential and was struggling financially. Other challenges included an inability to easily track costs and profitability on projects, unclear roles and responsibilities which jeopardised management’s ability to make timely, effective decisions, and dysfunctional leadership behaviours that created an atmosphere of warring tribes.

To pave the way for stable growth, my client urgently needed to craft an organisational redesign that provided better accountability and decision-making—with a unified mission.


OP Consulting worked with the executive team to tackle four major changes: creating a simplified, more transparent organisation, providing clear roles and accountability, fostering employee engagement through culture and organisation values and tackling the dysfunction and mistrust within the leadership team.

These changes would help reduce the high staff turnover rate, and lead to faster, better decision-making resulting in reduced costs. I conducted a thorough diagnostic of the company to uncover its strengths and what was holding it back; looking at critical problems and opportunities. I worked with the leadership team to clarify their corporate purpose and values. I redesigned the organisation structure to align with the strategic priorities whilst driving clarity and accountability throughout the organisation. I hired an Operations Director to help implement the changes, and drive transformation.

OP Consulting went further and aligned the people elements of the organisation such as recruitment, performance management, talent development, team building and incentives to support new ways of working.


The leadership team were able to articulate a new strategic direction and values. They developed a clear vision and with OP Consulting’s help, the new Operations Director successfully realigned the business.

In less than 12 months, my client transformed itself into a focused organisation able to make more effective and crucial decisions. The successful transformation also helped retain employees – reducing its staff turnover rate in a 12-month period by 30% and enlarging its middle management team, which consisted of all internal promotions.

“Nicola knows what she is doing. She is quick to grasp business needs and implemented change management strategies with positive buy-in from the team. OP Consulting helped us understand our culture and values, and showed us the importance and value they can add when they are entrenched in business practices. Nicola managed to affect change in our business in a short time frame whilst maintaining employee productivity and engagement. I would work with OP Consulting again in a heartbeat.”

– Waldi du Toit, Operations Director of Ginkgo Agency

“OP Consulting highlighted the issues within the business, especially from a leadership perspective. She encouraged the leadership team to think about their own actions and how simple changes could assist in building a better, more motivated workforce. I loved the coaching Nicola provided to staff – really opening people up and questioning their personal goals and missions. We needed to get people onboard with the idea of understanding their own values, and it was crucial in helping Ginkgo Agency get the culture we wanted.”

– Mellisa Weir, HR Director of Ginkgo Agency