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People at all levels of an organization are overloaded and striving to cope.  At the top, executives carry a high level of responsibility and make decisions which have far-reaching consequences. Every day executives are asked to make tough judgement calls. I know, as an entrepreneur, that being successful at this level can be difficult and can feel lonely. When you are at this level sharing ideas and discussing options can be restricted.

Further down an organization the issues are different but the struggle continues. The realities of working in a fast, agile, increasingly complex business world is that multiple demands are placed on employees. Throughout my career in the legal, consulting and financial services industries; I often felt stuck and under an enormous amount of pressure. Colleagues were too busy to help me test my thinking out loud, I had limited visibility of my strengths, no ability to assess my effectiveness, and no one to discuss my next career move with. Accessing coaching can make a big difference. 

My role as your leadership coach is to be curious and support your learning, discovery and new insight. Inherent in every touchpoint, is that you will be held accountable for your goals – and motivated to achieve them.

My standard engagement model is based on six months of partnership and includes the following:


Chemistry Call

I take ‘matchmaking’ very seriously and consider the chemistry call a key part of my success. It’s important that my experience, style and expertise fits with your coaching needs.


Coaching Priorities

I use a 360-degree feedback process to identify the priority areas for the coaching process. Depending on the type of engagement, this may be an interview process or a more formal assessment via the Leadership Circle Profile, which is a competency based 360-degree profile.


Foundation Session

In the first coaching session we draw up a plan to meet the priorities identified in the 360-degree feedback phase. Areas we focus on are, strengths, opportunities for growth and changes to increase personal impact.  Each step of the coaching process is customized to meet your specific needs.


Coaching Sessions

Our coaching sessions typically last between 45 minutes and 1 hour. My approach works with the principle of achieving balance in life: Being – letting life happen and Doing – making life happen.


Manager Involvement

I believe the strongest link should remain between the manager and coachee.  I strengthen this link by holding alignment meetings at the outset, mid-point and conclusion.

I have clear boundaries that protect the confidentiality of the coaching work with the client while ensuring that the organizational stakeholders have an appropriate line of sight to the focus of the leadership coaching work.

Client Feedback

“Nicola is such an amazing coach! I have grown so much from the sessions we have had together.”

–  Mosidi Seretlo, CEO of Seretlo Brand & Marketing Agency 

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