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Unlock the Potential of Your People

While many leaders acknowledge the importance of developing talent in their organization, few deliver the coaching and training needed to exponentiate their organization. I work with my clients to build critical skills to navigate an increasingly digital, globalized and complex working environment. I offer tailored development programs, one-off training sessions and team offsites to help you build creative, resourceful and high performing individuals and teams.

Leadership Training

More than ever, businesses need good leaders to help them thrive in a changing and unpredictable world. Leaders need to remain relevant and need the capability to tackle today’s changing workplace and shape it with vision and flexibility. OP Consulting’s leadership training creates confident, capable and inspiring leaders who can create strong connections, change company cultures, drive performance, and improve employee engagement.

Management Training

Moving into your first management position requires many shifts in behaviour and attitude. OP Consulting’s management training programme builds self-awareness, and provides first time managers with the tools and mindset that they need to motivate and inspire their team.

Team Development

Teams are crucial success factors for today’s hyper-fast and complex business world. When teams do not function things go wrong: work feels hard and people leave. On the other hand good teams make work enjoyable, increase innovation and collaboration and contribute to strong results. OP Consulting uses the Clifton Strengths Assessment to identify priority areas for your team. An off-site workshop focuses on your priority areas of concern, change or opportunity. A series of activities allows alignment of your team around strengths; gaining greater clarity about roles and responsibilities and building stronger relationships to help move the team forward

Personal Development

Each of us is uniquely complex. I approach personal development from this premise and build unique workshops zoning in on specific areas. Whatever the content you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself, understand your own strengths and challenges, and by tapping into yourself more consciously you will heighten your personal and professional influence.


Communication Skills

Communicating well assists us to build relationships, get things done, spread our word and listen to others. It also influences how others view us and relate to us. I use a mix of tools, practical exercises, conversations and reflection to assist you in building skills and confidence in this ‘must have’ area.


Managing Conflict

When the pressure is on, things are busy and people care about their role conflicts do happen. It is human and natural. I help my clients see issues between people in a more positive way. Rather than trying to avoid conflict, I assist you with tools, skills and methods to find common ground, speak a common and neutral language and deal with conflicts in a transparent and positive way.

Client Feedback

“Nicola facilitated our first-ever management training program. We initially thought it would be just another training course, but we were mistaken! Nicola’s approach is so calm, measured and reassuring in a group space. She knows how to challenge existing notions, make you think deeper, move past paralysis and learn new skills in order to move forward. The training created a greater bond between managers and they were able to interact better with their team as a result of the skills they learnt on this course.”

– Nicole Vos  COO at Velocity Trade

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